Ruark Audio Announces New R2 Compact Music System

RUARK AUDIO HAS announced the release of the new R2 compact music system. This version is an evolution of the earlier model (reviewed here), but despite the similar look, a lot has changed, and virtually everything about the new release is new.

WDF-RuarkR2mk3The handcrafted casework and metal panels have been revised, and the LCD display has been replaced with a modern OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display, which provides improved text clarity.

On top of the new R2 is the improved RotoDial control system. Originally developed for the R7, the new control system is intuitive to operate, while maintaining a minimalist design.

New internal technology brings further enhancements. Radio performance via DAB, DAB+ and FM has been improved, while the addition of internet and Bluetooth capabilities offers far more flexibility for users. Multiple R2s connected to a single wireless network can simultaneously stream music from a central computer, creating an easy to manage, multi-room system. In addition, the new model features a USB playback port, and this socket can also be used as a charging port compatible with most smartphones.

The new R2 features Spotify Connect as a dedicated source. With a premium account, users can use the Spotify app to select the R2 as their sound source and then control playback using the R2’s RotoDial, even if their smartphone or tablet is turned off or out or reach.WD-RuarkR2mk3Stock of the new model will be in NZ late October, and the RRP will be $899.

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