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Witchdoctor.co.nz is a online entertainment magazine.

We write for grownups about products and ideas. We don’t do clickbait. We don’t write upwardly mobile “lifestyle” stories. And we care not a fig about celebrities and influencers.

Witchdoctor.co.nz is NZ’s only portal for reliable, intelligent and up-front reviews and stories about music, film, television, technology products (hi-fi, AV, gadgets and more) and associated ephemera.

We write about things we like to do, like listen to whole albums on audiophile hi-fi systems, cook and eat really great food, and basically look for the best of everything. In fact, nothing is off-limits for Witchdoctor, as long as it’s intelligently written and is worthy of a wider audience. And hopefully, we do it all with a wry smile and with a different perspective to the generic one coming from the crumbling monoliths.

We’re an independent media company that values smart, intelligent writing. If you’re really rich, please give us money to help us continue doing what we do, and to do it even better.

Witchdoctor is published by Crusty Old Gits Ltd.

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Witchdoctor is on a quest to save high-quality independent journalism. As the monoliths of corporate media fall, our small team is battling away to provide content that’s free of clickbait sensationalism and so-called fake news and packed with information and intelligent perspectives.

But we do what we do on the tiny little bit of oil that still remains on that old rag. If you value what we do and you’re in a position to help us feed the kids and animals (and thereby, to sustain Witchdoctor), even donating a little bit will help us a lot.

Unlike other sites, Witchdoctor will never kick a boomer when they’re down. And while other entertainment platforms practically ignore consumer technology, hi-fi and coverage of non-trend music, film and TV for grownups, we luxuriate in it.

As long as we’ve got the cash to continue, we’ll give you honest assessments of products, art and entertainment, no-crap coverage of contemporary issues, and pieces that are simply really thoughtful. Thanks for having us in your world.

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 Major Domos

Gary Steel Profile photo

Gary Steel is a Witchdoctor founder, part-owner and Editor-in-Chief.

He has been subjecting the NZ public to his withering opinions on music for more than 40 years, and refuses to get soft in his dotage.

Steel has worked for newspapers, edited and published magazines – including the pop phenomenon RTR Countdown and Witchdoctor’s forerunner TONE – and even run a record store full of obscure music no-one wanted to buy.

Gary is super-keen to review albums and prefers vinyl and CDs any day over streams or downloads. He can be contacted at [email protected]

Part-owner of Witchdoctor, Pat Pilcher has a wealth of experience reporting on tech products and issues for the likes of TV, radio, and reviewing for TONE magazine.

Shiny gadgets have long held a serious fascination for Pat, whose home – formerly a mess of spaghetti-cable – is a test zone for everything ‘smart’ and wireless.

His prodigious business smarts and entrepreneurial vision are behind some of Witchdoctor’s more audacious moves, and he’s always looking ahead to the newest, shiniest gadget.


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