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Witchdoctor is a consumer-oriented online magazine covering technology, entertainment and other life topics. WD is not a business publication and does not cover business-related news.


As much as the good Witchdoctor loves a good product/service review, our readers always come first. Because of this and in the interest of our own credibility, we will NOT review any goods or services without first testing them.

We try to be as thorough as possible when testing. This means a review can take several weeks to a month from testing through to final publication.

While Witchdoctor strives for accuracy, mistakes can happen. We are happy to correct any factual errors in our reviews. In the interests of maintaining an independent stance and credibility with our readership, Witchdoctor will, however (unless there are very good reasons) not adjust a review to suit the dictates of PR firms and their clients.


We welcome any and all feedback and are happy to return the favour.

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