The WiiM Pro streamer

Sound Group to distribute acclaimed low-cost WiiM streamers in NZ

March 15, 2024
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Nicely priced and highly rated WiiM streamers will finally make their official debut in NZ from next month.

The WiiM Pro streamer

WiiM, the very cool, diminutive and highly regarded brand that took the audio world by storm in 2022 with its Wiim Mini wireless audio streamer, will be available exclusively through Sound Group with stock expected to arrive by April.

WiiM, which is owned by Linkplay Technologies, is mostly known for its excellent quality streamers with an RRP for as little as $179. However, since its tiny streamers caused seismic ripples in the seams of the hi-fi world the company has also introduced a very nice WiiM amp, not to mention the intuitive WiiM Home app.

The WiiM Mini streamer

In addition to the WiiM Mini, the WiiM Pro and WiiM Pro Plus has been released.

“WiiM Pro is our second-generation music streamer target for the audiophile community at an affordable price,” says the company. “It’s one of the most versatile music streamers in the market. On top of the popular WiiM mini, it adds Ethernet, digital Coax out, and optical SPDIF input.

“It supports Google Chromecast with the bit-perfect output, Airplay2, Spotify Connect, TIDAL Connect, DNLA, MOA, Amazon Music casting, Roon, Gapless playback of high-res 192Khz/24bit lossless audio, and more.

The WiiM Pro Plus streamer

“The WiiM Pro Plus was a significant upgrade in terms of audio quality for analog audio input and output, total system cost, and system setup. These enhancements aimed to provide users with a more powerful, high-fidelity, and hassle-free music streaming experience compared to the previous model, the WiiM Pro.”

The WiiM Pro Plus features a better ADC for line input, ultra-low noise clock, power and circuit design, AKM DAC and TI OP AMP for better line-out audio quality and many other measurable differences.

In addition, there’s the new WiiM Amp. “WiiM Amp embodies the ultimate streaming amplifier, crafted for devoted music lovers,” goes the blurb. “It seamlessly integrates with a plethora of cutting-edge technologies, including Apple AirPlay 2, Google Chromecast, Alexa Music Cast, DLNA, Spotify Connect, and TIDAL Connect, all of which deliver an impeccable audio experience in Hi-Res, lossless quality while enabling multiroom functionality.

“Once WiiM Amp is connected to your cherished classic passive speakers, your immersive cinematic TV setup, or even your vintage record player, a world of musical possibilities unfolds before you. You can effortlessly stream your treasured music collection directly from your preferred music application, be it the intuitive WiiM Home App or through hands-free voice commands via Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri, all while revelling in the utmost sound fidelity available.”

Other points that WiiM would like to make about the WiiM Amp include:

The WiiM amp

Packing 60 Watts per channel (8 ohms) or 120 Watts per channel (4 ohms) delivers high-fidelity sound to even the most demanding speakers, up to four on a single amplifier.

  • Stream music, podcasts, audiobooks, and internet radio on your favorite audio devices with the bit perfect digital output or high-fidelity analog audio.
  • Use your iOS, Macbook, and Apple TV to stream your favorite music and audio to your speakers.
  • Use hundreds of Chromecast-enabled app to stream music, TV audio, radio stations, podcasts, and local content to one or multiple audio devices.
  • Enjoy gapless playback of Hi-Res music up to 24-bit/192 kHz.
  • Use the WiiM Home App to control content and device from one place.
  • Stream music directly from Spotify, TIDAL, or Amazon Music Apps. Works for HD.
  • Works with Alexa, Google, and Siri voice assistants. Use your voice on your phone, HomePod Echo, and playback voice.
  • Various EQ and Parametric EQ options are available to enhance sound to suit individual preferences.
  • Upgrade your listening experience with the WiiM Voice Remote to control your music playback without your mobile device.
  • Enjoy new features, music services, and enhancements through regular firmware updates for the best audio experience.


+ Witchdoctor is practically frothing at the mouth in anticipation of getting its dirty paws on the new WiiM products for review purposes, so watch this space.

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