JBL’s Quantum 350 Wireless Gaming Headphones – Surround sound ear gear

July 29, 2022
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JBL Quantum 350 Wireless Gaming Headphones REVIEW

Gaming headsets that boast real musicality as well as genuinely explosive dynamics are hard to come by, but PAT PILCHER has found a real winner.


A good gaming headset must firstly be comfy and, secondly, offer detailed and accurate surround sound that lets you get the drop on other gamers. JBL has a long history of making quality speakers and ear gear. I got to spend some quality ears-on time with their Quantum 350 wireless cans.

They’re crafted from black plastic, which accounts for their super light 250-gram weight. A lightweight design doesn’t translate into a flimsy build. In use, the Quantum 350’s felt solidly built and they should be more than ample to stand up to typical gaming use.


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When it comes to their control layout, both earcups house controls. The left has a volume wheel, which feels far more intuitive to use and is more responsive than the vol up/down buttons used on most headphones. A mute mic button proved super handy with tedious zoom meetings. There’s also a USB-C port for charging, plus a 2.5mm port for the detachable microphone. On the right earcup, there’s a power button.

The Quantum 350 Wireless is a compatible piece of ear gear. While it is intended for use with a PC, it’ll also play nice with Apple Macs, the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation (4 and 5). Sadly, there is no Xbox support, which seems a bit odd.

The Quantum Engine software helps deliver a surprisingly decent 7.1-channel simulated surround effect. The app also has a 10-band equaliser and allows you to tweak the mic settings (more on the mic later).

Playing a round of Noob, army tycoon warfare never sounded so good. The bass output is punchy and full-bodied, while mids and highs had plenty of presence, which helped in-game music sparkle. The Quantum 350’s lack a built-in gyro, so head tracking audio isn’t there. Still, the gameplay had plenty of directionality, which helped improve my situational awareness.

Likewise, firing up some new and old Doom, the bass output of the Quantum 350’s really shone. In the later version of Doom, its soundtrack, explosions and demons packed acres of oonst. Firing a rocket launcher or the shotgun almost had a tactile feel as the bottom end of the Quantum’s bass output came into play. The original Doom’s FM synth soundtrack also sounded cheesy and great, adding some retro cool into gameplay.

Musically, the Quantum 350’s surprised. Normally I find gaming headsets too bright and lacking in detail for use with music. Still, in listening to Jean Michelle Jarre’s Oxygen, I was pleasantly surprised. The complex mix of panning and multi-layered soundscapes really shone. Highs tinkled beautifully while bass synth-pads rumbled along nicely.

Staying with French electronica, I played some Air. ‘Jai Dormi Sous L’eau’ delivered drumming that almost gave me a concussion. At the same time, Air’s trademark looped organ and crunchy samples showed off the Quantum’s balanced yet warm and engaging sound.

While the detachable boom mic worked fine on Zoom calls and multiplayer gaming, it picked up a bit of background noise, which was a distraction. Still, having a detachable mic added to the Quantum 350’s utility, allowing me to stow the mic when it wasn’t needed. Muting the mic in long and tedious Zoom calls also proved dead handy.

JBL’s Quantum 350 Wireless is a decent gaming headset. Priced at a pocket-pleasing $169.95, it boxes above its bantamweight sticker price. A lightweight design and memory foam padded ear cups make them comfy to wear with marathon gaming sessions. Solid audio, powerful bass and surprising musicality add to their appeal. The cherry on the top is JBL’s QuantumEngine software which supports surround sound. We like!



Pat has been talking about tech on TV, radio and print for over 20 years, having served time as a TV tech guy and currently penning reviews for Witchdoctor. He loves nothing more than rolling his sleeves up and playing with shiny gadgets.

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