Logitech’s G Pro X 2 Lightspeed Gaming Headset: sonic thrills and music greatness

July 27, 2023
3 mins read


Logitech G Pro X 2 Lightspeed Gaming Headset

PAT PILCHER can’t find a single thing wrong with Logitech’s latest gaming headset and finds them super-fine for music too.


There’s a metric shit-tonne of gaming headsets to choose from in 2023. What’s a poor gamer to do to sort the sonic wheat from the chaff? Serious gamers quite rightly want ear gear to deliver epic audio and to have all the tweaks and comforts they can buy. None of this is lost on Logitech. Their latest – the G Pro X 2 Lightspeed – takes what was already good with their earlier version and makes it great thanks to the addition of graphene drivers, a re-designed layout and a boat load of other useful goodies.

Graphene is super strong and super light. Because of this, it promises to deliver lower distortion levels and greater sonic detail compared to traditional polymer or paper drivers. In theory, this should translate into no in-game enemies getting the jump on you by quietly sneaking up ever again.

The Pro X2 may look similar to its earlier siblings, but Logitech has gone to a considerable amount of effort to optimise their design. They sport a slimmer metal headband and smaller ear cups, both of which allow Logitech to shave a respectable 25 grams of weight off without compromising build quality.

A more flexible ear cup to headband connector design makes for a super comfy fit, and the amount of clamp they exerted on my noggin felt just right too. Add to this plenty of memory foam padding on the ear cups, along with a leatherette-padded headband, and you’ve got the recipe for near perfect comfort levels. Logitech also thoughtfully include cloth-covered ear pads, which provides improved breathability for sweaty full-on gaming sessions.


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The original Pro X cans required that you used Logitech’s USB dongle to connect. While it provided rock solid audio, it was a pain in the ass if there were no spare USB ports as the Pro X didn’t have an analogue input. The Pro X2 adds both Bluetooth and a 3.5mm port so it’ll play nice with phones and tablets, Nintendo’s Switch, the PS5 and Xbox… and of course a PC or Mac.

Logitech really want the X2 to be as connectable as possible and have even added a 3.5mm port on their USB dongle. This handily means that you can get audio from a second device in addition to in-game audio. I found that streaming music while I got my ass handed to me by a 10-year-old playing Halo online to be a particularly effective combo.

On the control front, everything you’ll need is on the ear cups. This includes power, volume (which is a rotary control, making for far more intuitive use), mic mute and Bluetooth. Additionally there’s also a mic port, plus a 3.5mm input. The Bluetooth button also proved handy, as a quick press could swap me between being connected to the USB dongle and a paired Bluetooth device, which meant I could easily take a call and then get back to gaming.

According to Logitech’s bumpf, the X2 should deliver around 50 hours of battery life. I got more like 65+ hours of music playback, which isn’t too shabby at all. As with other Logitech gaming gear, the Pro X 2 uses Logitech’s G Hub software. While there are lots of audio tweaks available, they’re straightforward to use, consisting of a capable EQ, DTS Headphone X 2.0 virtual surround sound (which works brilliantly for gaming, not so much for music), and microphone audio optimisation.

The detachable 6mm condenser boom mic did an okay job, and being removable, made the X2 ideal for talking walkies. Where the X2 really shone, however, was in the listening.

The X2’s 50mm graphene drivers are feather light, which makes them easier to drive. As graphene is also super rigid, they add less distortion/colouration while delivering superb sonic accuracy, even when the volume is cranked up. Unlike a lot of other similarly priced gaming cans, the X2 also offers decent musicality. Air’s ‘All I Need’ was packed with plenty of warm bass and Beth Hirsch’s vocals sounded super crisp. Audio also sounded spacious. I could almost point to individual instruments while listening to Holst’s Planet Suite.

When it came to gaming they definitely delivered the goods. Gunfire in Halo was felt as well as heard, subtle sonic details such as my footsteps were clear, and when in-game hell broke loose, everything packed plenty of punch. Regardless of whether I was listening to music or gaming, the audio pumped into my ear cavities always sounded super clean and superbly detailed. When it came to their audio, the X2 towers over other gaming headsets I’ve previously tested.

Where gaming headsets have so often been more about dishing out plenty of boom rather than detail, Logitech’s G Pro X2 delivers refined and balanced audio that can easily be customised to suit what your ears need. Add to this a boat load of connectivity options and you have gaming ear gear that you’ll probably want to detach from the mic from to take out with you for music on the go. They’re not cheap, but damn, they’re good.



Pat has been talking about tech on TV, radio and print for over 20 years, having served time as a TV tech guy and currently penning reviews for Witchdoctor. He loves nothing more than rolling his sleeves up and playing with shiny gadgets.

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