How To Get Your I-Whatever Sounding Like Music

NuForce has announced its audiophile-grade digital audio conversion and headphone amp for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.
The Icon iDo extracts audio data in digital form (in USB Host mode) from Apple mobile digital devices, and promises bit-perfect, low-jitter, audiophile-quality music file playback.
iDo is being marketed to serious music enthusiasts and musicians who primarily listen to – and have their digital music libraries stored on – Apple portable devices.
iPods have come under fire from hi-fi enthusiasts over the years, and the iDo DAC is one of a growing number of devices aimed at improving the audio quality of the Apple portable gear.
The Icon iDo is available in NZ from mid-October for $399 from reputable hi-fi dealers.

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  1. I recall running an iPod (digital out via Wadia iTransport) vs. a good CD player (analogue and co-ax digital out) and the iPod sounded awesome. There’s heaps of audiophile potential in the little Apple devices.

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