iPhone 5? Nope. Just iPhone 4S

October 5, 2011

Apple came through with its announcement of the new iPhone today, but there was a wave of disappointment with the modest upgrades in the iPhone 4S.
What’s it got, then?
There’s the new A5 processor. There’s improved graphics. It’s supposed to have some of the same technology as the Xbox 360, making it a real gaming whizz.
Oh, there’s an “improved” 8-megapixel camera, with facial recognition.
Possibly the big one is Siri, the “virtual assistant” that supposedly recognises voice commands, and could be of use for scheduling appointments, searching the web and dictating text messages.
Apparently, the iPhone 4S looks just like the iPhone 4, but Apple reckons there’s a lot of new stuff inside that will razzle and dazzle.
The iPhone 4S goes on sale in important territories on October 14. No news yet about the Antipodes. Local Apple sites crashed this morning. As tech guru Chris Keall noted, how can we have faith in Apple’s great new future of Cloud computing when they can’t even anticipate a surge in website activity, and look to avoid such crashes?

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  1. Not enough whiz or bang I’m afraid. The iPhone 4 wasn’t enough to tempt me to upgrade my 3GS, the new model isn’t either. With the huge range of Android phones out there, at prices that are more than a little sweet, Apple has an uphill battle on its hands. I’ll still be using an iPhone though – in an all Mac environment, the overall user experience is unbeatable.

  2. With a 3GS I too would wait for the 5. Most plans are 24 month contract and Apple cycles seem to be 12m month. By the time the 24 months is up from the 3gS, the 5 should fit in sweetly!

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