The Family Heirlooms

I grew up with these Lowther Acousta speakers, which stood in our lounge for as long as I can recall, certainly from the early 80’s until we moved in the late 90’s. They’ve been doing duty as ornament stands at my mother’s house since then but are in remarkably good condition considering their age.

The drivers still look good and while I’m sure they’d need a bit of work or complete reconing to actually play music after all this time, I reckon they’d sound just like I remember them. Hooked up to a Technics solid state amp, they had a warm sound that was a joy to listen to for hours on end. I’ve still got that amp – it’s in my storage locker in Auckland, albeit down to a single channel thanks to my stupidity. Check out the warning on the back label about some transistor amps not being happy driving a single voice coil system.

I’d love to crate up the Lowthers and send them to Auckland but I suspect my mom would get more use out of them to prop up the knick knacks. Maybe that’s sad…I don’t quite know.


  1. Cool old speakers, Ashley, but I’m afraid my attention was drawn to the bars on the windows…….

  2. They’re in place to keep the pet tiger in…

  3. Bring the bloody Lowthers back Ash, I’ll put them to good use…

  4. I agree with Mr Pearce – seems like a shameful waste of fine playable memorabilia – buy her a couple of nice side tables and bring those puppies home for a rebuild!

  5. If you like the bars on the window, you’ll love the security gates, electric fence and the spikes on the wall, not to mention the alarm system and the armed response company who rock up at the push of a panic button.

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