Voigt Vofo Revealed!

May 24, 2011
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They’re finished! Well almost, I’ll have some funky outriggers made for them (chrome bling bling) really just to add a touch of ‘high end’ to the aesthetic more than anything else.

To say I’m happy with the finished product is somewhat of an understatement, Mark and the guys at Gees Furniture Finishers have done an outstanding job with the shimmering piano-gloss lacquer, considering the rough-as guts condition the cabinets were in (probably not too bad to be honest) I’m as pleased as Punch.

Big kudos must also go to Spincast in East Tamaki for the superb chrome diecast logo’s, these add the finishing touch and really have turned the speakers into something to be admired. I have to mention the logo creator also, Shane Eriwata at Creative Organism. He’s a killer designer and once you get past the commando looks, has a real heart of gold and is uber-passionate about his craft. Needless to say if you need a great Graphic Designer, make sure you get in contact with Shane-O pronto!

And how do they sound? Surprisingly coherent through the midrange and treble, with terrific dynamics and speed. I’ll be the first to admit the bass performance isn’t quite up to the same standard, but is exceptionally nimble and articulate while missing some ‘slam’ and visceral impact.
I’ve had email correspondence from Ed Swift, the designer of the Vofo and a loudspeaker guru based in the UK – he has suggested using a BSC (baffle step compensation) circuit in order to bring the bass level in line with treble output, so that’ll be the next stage in development. Here’s a link to his Hand Made Audio site showing more pictures of the Vofo, which he is now producing commercially in Great Britain.

So there we have it. Hopefully the pics will tell a better story than the written word, but these unique babies of mine will only disappear from my home when hell freezes over.
And with global warming apparently taking a grip of our planet, that’s not likely to happen any time soon…

Gary Pearce


  1. Is the driver in the one on the right supposed to be slightly left of center?

    They look the ducks nuts Gary! Awesome!

  2. Ha ha nice one Craig, you won’t catch me out there!! It’s what’s commonly known as an ‘optical illusion’ caused by the perspective of the shot. These gorgeous towers of pleasure are ‘perfect’ (runs downstairs with tape measure/spirit level…)

  3. Nice one old son. They look spectacular. When I get back, I’ll pop by for sure, I want to hear what 50Hz – 12KHz sounds like 🙂

  4. Hi, i built a pair of these 2 years ago. They’re not finished anywhere as beautifully as yours but they sound spectacular.

    What amp are you using with your Vofos? I’m currently using a Miniwatt.



  5. Hi again Gary (remember me? I´m from Argentina), congratulations! beautifull speakers, I´m in the building process of my vofos, but mine will be wood finish, tell us with your experiences with the BSC. Salud hermano!

  6. Thanks guys, it’s great accepting your kudos for these great loudspeakers! All credit must go to Ed Swift for designing suck a fabulous sounding speaker though. Ramiro I haven’t gotten around to making the BSC yet, it’ll be something to do when I get back home. Do post some pics of yours on the forum as you’re building them witchdoctor.co.nz/forums
    And please do the same Adrian! And as for the amp I’m using, it varies from day to day – I’ve used them with a couple of T-Amps (Kingrex T20/PSU and a cheapie Topping TP30), and some crazy high wattage courtesy of the Korsun V8I and Audiolab 8200CDP/8200M mono’s. I’m about to gratefully receive a friends Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista pre-power for an extended period. 300 watts per channel and 96dB, somehow it doesn’t seem appropriate…

  7. nice design and execution! I’m v confused by all the variations of horn type quarter wave designs ie horns/voigt/tqwt/mltl’s. What do you think cd improve the bass with voigt designs?

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