The black hole of ancient NZ music history

Radio Windy Homegrown Album Volume 1!

June 19, 2012
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Another Blast From The Arse Production:

Rip It Up, May 1979:

Windy Record

Radio Windy Homegrown Album Volume 1 (there’s to be another if this is successful) is the title of an album for release in late May.
Unlike Auckland’s AM album, which is a hotch-potch of disparate styles, this is described by producer Graeme Nesbitt as mostly “orthodox rock and roll”.
Sixty-five tapes (groups and artistes) were auditioned and a further eight groups auditioned in the Rock Theatre before choosing the best of the bunch.
The album was recorded over a two-month period at EMI’s Lower Hutt monolith, and was engineered by David Ginnane.
The 10 tracks are all originals. Groups and artistes are as follows: Rough Justice, Hot Ash, Spatz, Bill Lake, Bacchus, The Wonders, Wide Mouthed Frogs, Paul Schreuder, Smashed Executive and Half Moon.
“Every track has singles potential,” says Nesbitt. – GARY STEEL

2012 note: It makes you wonder. Like, what possessed poor Graeme Nesbitt (bless him, RIP) to think that every track had singles potential. Like, who comprised the judging panel? Like, who was on Auckland’s “disparate” AM album? Like, does anybody out there have a copy of either album today? (I must have flogged my copy off pretty swiftly). Like, do the master tapes still exist? Like, do the audition tapes of those 65 bands still exist? And was there ever a Volume 2? Ancient NZ music history: it’s like a black hole.

The black hole of ancient NZ music history

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  1. Hi Gary
    While looking for some info on this LP I came across your blog. Will be listing a copy of this LP on Trade Me either this week or next.

  2. still got my copy, most bands recieved a well recorded product, some good tracks & great musicians throughout. anyone now how to get hold of Stvev Voss or Peter Henderson from The Wonders?

  3. Hi my name is Rob Love I played bass for the upper Hutt based band Hot Ash. We played an original composition called Home coming on Radio Windies first homegrown compolation album volume1.
    It appears there is another group called Hot Ash featured on the same album. There has obviously been a mistake. Can you please rectify or explain what has happened thankyou.

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