Nordost’s miracle line harmonizer

September 28, 2011

IT’S QUITE A mouthful, but Nordost’s diminutive new gadget, its QRT Qv2 AC Line Harmonizer, claims the high-end cable company, will make for dramatic improvements in a system’s sound and vision.
As the press info says, the Qv2 “is designed to enhance the musical performance and picture quality of any audio or video system, delivering readily demonstrable benefits at an incredibly affordable price.”
The Qv2 “works directly on the AC line, introducing a carefully calculated range of pulsed frequencies, clocked from the original 50 or 60Hz waveform. The result is a drop in noise floor, with a commensurate increase in image depth, dimensionality and presence, significantly increasing the realism of both musical and visual performance.”
How does it work? The Qv2 can be inserted into any free socket in a system’s AC line (although adding directly to QBASE maximizes the benefits)… and of course, the more the merrier, as there’s a definitive cumulative effect.
Claims made for the Qv2 are:
• Improves both sound and picture quality in any system
• Effective on its own or complementing other QRT products
• Increases the depth, presence and realism of the musical or movie performance
• Clearly audible, visible and measurable results

Witchdoctor is hoping to review the QRT Qv2 AC Line Harmonizer soon.
The Qv2 is distributed in NZ by Orange Road and will retail for a very modest $560 (dependent on any major fluctuations in currencies).

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  1. Absolute crap. I brought one for every single outlet in my house but was left with none left for my Microwave or Fridge let alone a 3 phase TV. I think I might spend another $18,000 and get a single 4 way outlet to get the optimal performance out of my Bench Saw

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