Witchdoctor’s Inaugural Golden Turd Award 2010

December 31, 2010

Yes it’s a bit of a joke blog post, and chances are may very well be the first and last Golden Turd award. Hopefully.

You see, we Witchdoctor-ites don’t actually go out of our way to track down audio/video/photography lemons for review – who wants to waste their time reading about products that are a complete piece of crap? Doesn’t make any sense to me at all. So I’ll just pick out a piece of equipment that irked me this year and bestow this esteemed honour on it.

It’s in this spirit that I’ve announced the winner for 2010, a product I neither heard or saw in the flesh. If anything that’s a good thing, because I’d simply want to set a world record for smashing it into tiny unusable pieces for its sheer ineptitude and enormously unfeasible specification.

The turd this year goes to the…..


I’ve had trouble pinning down exactly what pissed me off the most: its 3000w output? Maybe the world first implementation of the hitherto unknown DTS 7.1 prosound lll decoder, or the MP3 Digital Pro inputs.

Or maybe the kind inclusion by the Italian designers of a cooling system fan – handy when the lightweight MV-8000s supplies enough current as an arc welding machine I guess.

So there you have it. Marc Vincent should hold their collective German/Italian heads in shame, surely the countries that produced Porsche and Ferrari can do better than this eh.

A special mention must also go to TradeMe for allowing this dubious gear on to its site, especially as Gary Steel complained to them that the product has been advertised with blatant disregard to the innocent public – none of the decoder technology claimed to be onboard the 8000s actually exists.

That’s a sure case of misleading advertising if you ask me.

So congratulations to Marc Vincent, unlike all the non-existent awards this amplifier has won in Europe this is definitely one to be framed for the boardroom.


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