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November 5, 2010
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While the big players such as Perreaux launch products for extensive local and international distribution, hobbyists like Paul Burgess are creating their own interesting hi-fi gear, aimed at a smaller market (well, initially that is, everyone has to start somewhere). At Witchdoctor, we like to support the locals where we can.

Paul’s perspex turntable dust covers are on my shopping list at the moment for the day when my Well Tempered Lab Simplex arrives. The review Simplex needs a dusting at least every couple of days if it isn’t to end up looking disgusting and Murphy’s Law indicates that it’s only a matter of time before I break off the stylus or rip the tonearm wires right out. Prevention being better than cure, I know what the plan is.

One of his other products is something I’d like to get in for a review in the future. He’s come up with step-up transformers for moving-coil cartridges. These units are made from vintage German microphone transformers, which are potted in New Zealand beeswax to control and absorb any vibrations. He reckons that he can make them up in a wide range of step up ratios to suit specific cartridges. The units are available for in-home trials, so any potential customers can pick the ratio that suits their components.

He also supplies vintage tubes/valves, which again are available for home auditions, so that clients can tube roll to their heart’s content. He does them for guitar amps as well as audio gear.

Sounds like another budding hi-fi importer/manufacturer is lurking in the wings.

Prices are:

Tubes : $50 -$100 each depending on brand and type.

Covers : $295 plus packing and courier

Transformers : $495

Paul is available on [email protected]


  1. Nice one. I must get me a dustcover for my Pro-Ject Studie at some stage, 2 tonearms with exposed stylii are just asking for trouble esp from my sisters 2 and 4 year old.

  2. You’ve got a naked TT with children that age in the house? You’re a brave man considering you’ve already had a wee “incident” with a cartridge once before. Maybe you need a locking titanium dustcover?

  3. Thanks for the artical Ash. The turntable covers take 4 weeks to supply, as they are custom made to order. A 50% deposit is all that is needed upon order and balance prior to delivery, which is usually a whole lot less than a new stylus,or cartridge.

  4. I can vouch for the top quality of Pauls turntable covers, they are well made and worth every cent to protect your table from dust and keeping hands away from tonearms & cartridges. I have sold them with some of our turntables and just order one for my personal Brinkmann Anniversary turntable so that is my vote of confidence in what he is making.

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