HRT iStreamer Launched

December 8, 2010
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HRT’s little Music Streamer external DAC units have been well received – Gary Pearce had one to review and he gave it a pretty good review.

The local HRT agent, Denco Audio has announced the release of the new iStreamer model, which is designed to take the digital stream from an iPod, iPhone or iPad (a la Wadia iTransport) and output it as an analogue signal after running it through a DAC. This should give better sound quality than just using Apple’s internal DACs and analogue stages.

Limited stock will be available in NZ as of next week at $375. I’m dying to get my hands on a review unit to compare to the Pro-Ject Dock Box Fi that I bought recently.


  1. We MUST remember this is the FIRST of its kind, in that the Wadia (which paved the way for all of us in this way, I have one and I love it btw) is ONLY A DOCK ,that grants you access to the digital datastream. The iStreamer is NOT merely a DOCK, its a DAC, and its a high quality DAC. So, no external DACs needed! This is a FIRST for the iDevices, and especially for the iPad!! There is nothing available, YET, to directly compare it to!

    I did however put it up against two other outboard DACs much higher in price, and it killed them

  2. Hey Mike, I’d best describe the Wadia as a ‘digital interface’ that allows a dac to access the digital stream. Of course you can use the 170i as a dock as well – it has audio rca’s and a video output (no analogue output on the 171i though).
    The istreamer looks to be a real bargain though, I must hassle Kramer for a turn when he’s finished with it.

  3. Hi Mike

    Sure – the Pro-Ject is just a dock with no DAC but it sounds splendid, which is why I bought one. Once I get the iStreamer in the loop, I’ll see if it can push the Pro-Ject out of my system and onto TradeMe….there’s no loyalty in this game I’m afraid.

  4. You’re both right. and hey, I LOVE my Wadia iTransport!! Like I said (maybe not here) They paved the way for all of us here, by giving us music addicts and sound nuts a way to access the digital datastream off our iPods! Hell, Wadia practically invented the DAC as an outboard component YRS ago – and they are good people as well.

    I do dig the Pro-Ject – don’t get me wrong, I’ve had one and dug it, just wanna be sure users know the difference. Psyched for you guys to hear the iStreamer!!

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