Test Ratings

The Witchdoctor Ratings System

Any product review with a rating has been tested in person by one or more of the Witchdoctor team, which means that it’s been assessed across a number of aspects including:



Build quality


Ease of use


Value for money



Sheer sexiness

The product will also be compared against its competitors to see where it fits into its specific slice of the market. Then its overall performance is rated on a 10-point basis, with one point being the worst and 10 points being the best possible rating.

The ratings break down as follows:

1 Point Truly and horribly dire. Don’t walk away from this product, run for your life! Tell your friends.

2-3 Points A below par performance. Not worth your consideration or your money.

4-5 Points A pretty decent product. Not a sterling performer in its class but you won’t dislike it, and it’ll do the job.

6-7 Points A good performance. This product is absolutely worth a look, but be sure to check out the competition.

8 Points At this level, you can rest assured that you’re getting the real deal – a true high-performer, either held back from greatness by something small, or part of an intensely competitive field.

9 Points Up at the top of its class! This is a superb product, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t buy it, and love it. Deeply and passionately. However, despite being a fantastic product there may be a idiosyncrasy or some small flaw that stops it from being a “Perfect 10”.

10 Points As great as it ever gets! A massively competent and complete performance, so much so that you should seldom see this rating. This is a killer product that’s either a game-changer, or so far ahead of the current competitors that it stands alone. Again, tell your friends.

Half points are awarded (i.e. 7.5 points) where a product is just nipping on the edge of the next rating but is held back by a minor flaw.