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What is Witchdoctor?

Witchdoctor is a online entertainment magazine.

We write for grownups about products and ideas. We don’t write about Max Key in Hawaii. Or Mariah Carey’s latest faux pas. Or Justin Bieber’s latest … tantrum.

Witchdoctor is NZ’s only portal for reliable, intelligent and up-front reviews of – and articles about – music, film, television, technology products (hi-fi, AV, gadgets, cameras and more) and associated ephemera.

Witchdoctor is about the technology that you use every day: those that you watch, listen to, look through and touch. Witchdoctor is geared towards interested, normal consumers rather than that tiny minority of tech-geeks.

Of key importance is that our reviews have integrity: they are honest, and not influenced by commercial imperatives. Space will be provided for ‘right of reply’ should product suppliers feel aggrieved by our assessments.

We’re an independent media company that values smart, intelligent writing. If you’re really rich, please give us money to help us continue doing what we do, and to do it even better.


The Witchdoctor Team


Gary Steel

Gary Steel is a Witchdoctor founder, part-owner and Editor-in-Chief.

He has been subjecting the NZ public to his withering opinions on music for more than 40 years, and refuses to get soft in his dotage.

Steel has worked for newspapers, edited and published magazines – including the pop phenomenon RTR Countdown and Witchdoctor’s forerunner TONE – and even run a record store full of obscure music no-one wanted to buy.

Gary Steel can be contacted at garys@witchdoctor.co.nz


Pat Pilcher

Part-owner of Witchdoctor, Pat has a wealth of experience reporting on tech products and issues for the likes of TV, radio, and reviewing for TONE magazine.

Shiny gadgets have long held a serious fascination for Pat, whose home – formerly a mess of spaghetti-cable – is a test zone for everything ‘smart’ and wireless.

His prodigious business smarts and entrepreneurial vision are behind some of Witchdoctor’s more audacious moves, and he’s always looking ahead to the newest, shiniest gadget.


Charles Jameson

Charles is a Witchdoctor part-owner. And, amongst myriad other tasks, handles the ‘back end’ of the site.

A qualified journalist and award-winning news photographer, Charles has done everything from designing websites to project managing eLearning development for corporates and not-for-profits.

He brings his vast experience from a range of media to the Witchdoctor table.




Richard Varey

Richard is an independent science writer with education and work experience in both physical and social sciences. He’s also an audiophile.

Originally from Yorkshire and based in Hamilton, Richard maintains his own hi-fi blog when he’s not putting esoteric gear under the microscope for the benefit of Witchdoctor readers.

Claiming to be a ‘musicophile audiophile technophile’, Richard has a large record collection and a particular interest in the passionate and innovative work of small, independent audio artisans.


Andrew W. Baker

A long-time hi-fi reviewer for Witchdoctor, Andrew lives in a small town near Auckland where he cultivates his ongoing interest in superior modes of musical reproduction.

Like most audiophiles, Andrew has a long-running addiction to vinyl, but his sonic adventures extend to the latest developments in wireless and streaming reproduction.

Hadyn Green

Hadyn has been writing about beer for well over a decade.

While he can’t nail down what the best he’s ever had was, there’s no doubt in his mind about the worst: a paua stout.

He’s often asked, “Why don’t you brew beer?” And the answer is still the same, “Because I can buy beer from people who are very good at making it.”




Paul Rose

Paul reviews films. His illustrious history includes many years in the music industry as a label owner, venue booker, publicist, band and record store manager, including a three-year stint at the helm of Real Groovy. More recently, he managed the Rialto cinema in Auckland and co-ordinated the NZIFF’s programme of short films. He writes for magazines and website, too!



Rebekah Davies

Rebekah is a writer, photographer, musician, and actress; and feels exceptionally lucky to have realised all these pursuits in a professional capacity, as nothing fulfils her more than creating things: be it a song, a photo, a character, or a film review for Witchdoctor. www.rebekahdavies.com





Ashley Kramer

Ashley Kramer is co-founder of Witchdoctor, former TONE contributor and honorary team member. Ashley’s journeys have taken him to America, but we’ll still see his name in lights on these pages occasionally.







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