GoldenEar’s Bookshelf BRX Speakers

Famous for its world-beating Triton Tower speakers, GoldenEar applies creative thinking to the bookshelf category with its new BRX.


The GoldenEar BRX bookshelf speaker

Witchdoctor has raved extensively about GoldenEar speakers since the introduction of the incredible Triton Tower floor standers, which applied leading-edge technology to produce powered speakers with genuine sub-bass at a price-point that must have made other speaker companies quiver in their boots.

But not everyone can accommodate a tower of power in their living space, so now GoldenEar has applied the same technological know-how and creative thinking to its BRX bookshelf speaker.

We haven’t heard it yet, but GoldenEar have essentially scaled-down their Triton Reference speaker to bookshelf size, squeezing in much of the smart thinking that made those towers so special, minus the super-low bass.

The BRX with its protective grilles on

Not that the BRX speakers are bass-shy, though. They may not be powered like their larger siblings but they boast a pair of 6.5-inch passive radiators. These “planar infrasonic radiators” are placed on either side of the cabinet, and GoldenEar claims that the wider circumference of the radiators allows them to “lower the tuning of the sealed cabinet’s output and increase bass extension.”

The other speakers are more or less the same as those in the Triton Reference: a 6-inch mid-bass driver and a sweet-sounding high-velocity folded ribbon tweeter.

Unlike the early iterations of the Triton Tower – which basically had a sock pulled over it – the BRX bookshelf speakers are covered in beautiful piano lacquer, and (as you can see from the pics) are handsome devils.

* The GoldenEar BRX bookshelf speakers are due in New Zealand sometime next month (June) and will retail for around $2500.


  1. Contemplating these and I’m very keen to read your review of them hopefully with the PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP, when you get the chance.

  2. We’ll do our best to score a pair for review, SJD.

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