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Parmenter Sound adds PBN Audio speakers its audiophile armoury.


PBN Audio’s M2!5 loudspeaker

Muriwai, Auckland-based Parmenter Sound has taken on celebrated California-based speaker manufacturer PBN Audio, and in particular, its new 2!5 floorstander.

Jason Parmenter says that he’ll have the hefty 2!5 speaker – which PBN claims to be the essence of ‘thereness’ – matched for audio demonstrations with his studio system Pass Labs amplifiers.

Designed by Denmark-born, US-based Peter Noerbaek, the M2!5 loudspeaker is PBN’s latest combination of Nordic-influenced design and heavy duty sound construction, and the sonic signature is said to be simply ‘magic’.

PBN Audio aim to capture the electricity of a live performance with a speaker that is the result of decades of intense focused creativity, and the M2!5 is said to be the new benchmark.

Weighing in at 280 pounds each, the speaker stands a little under five feet tall and is internally reinforced to be vibration-free, creating a silent soundstage.

Driver Complement:
LF: 2 each JBL 2235H 15” Woofers
MF/HF: 1 each JBL2430H Dual Diaphragm Compression Driver mounted on WaveGuide
Crossover: 5th Order Charge coupled with 3 x 9V (27V) @ 900 Hz
Crossover Capacitors: High Voltage (400VDC) Metalized Polypropylene
Sensitivity: 95dB / 2.83V /1M
Frequency Response: 25Hz to 20kHz +/- 2dB
Impedance Nominal: 4 Ohms (min. 3.5 Ohms, max. 9 Ohms)
Dimensions 53″H x 18″W x 23″D
Weight: 280 lbs each loudspeaker.
Finish: Custom order (See Wood Finishes)
Price $49,000 NZD /Pair.

Contact Parmenter Sound for a demo.

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