Samsung So Soon: Galaxy S6 Edge+ Plus Note 5

Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge+
Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge+

EARLIER THIS YEAR Samsung released two stunning mobile phones in the Galaxy S6 and – especially – the Galaxy S6 Edge. Now, Samsung has announced two more phones, one new and one a reiteration of the Edge: the Galaxy S6 Edge+, and the Galaxy Note 5.

Scheduled to hit the NZ market on Friday 28 August, both models sport larger 5.7-inch Quad Super AMOLED displays, so in effect, the Galaxy S6 Edge+ is much like its recent predecessor, but extends the screen size without much impact on the overall form factor.

The Galaxy S6 Edge+ also features ‘Apps edge’ for easy access to favourite apps and enhanced ‘People edge’ for easy communications with favourite contacts,” says Samsung. “People edge allows users to connect their close contacts by sending hand-written memos, emoticons and poking, in addition to call, message and mail.”

Meanwhile, the new Galaxy Note 5 “is a stunning upgrade to Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Note line,” says the company. Apparently the new Note is inspired by the design of the Galaxy S6. “It ergonomically fits in one hand with a narrower bezel and curved back. The Galaxy Note 5 [also] includes an enhanced Pen that offers improved features and functionality, more intuitive access to S Pen features, and its functions are instantly accessible.”

Samsung's Galaxy Note 5
Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5

Samsung says that both models “feature unprecedented multimedia capabilities” including improved video capabilities, and Ultra High Quality Audio (UHQ), which converts “normal quality audio such as MP3 and CD to Ultra High Quality through sound upscaling technology. In addition, a dedicated audio clock minimises sound distortion and noise so that users can enjoy clearer sound from their mobile device.” Whether Witchdoctor readers will find this gratifying is hard to tell.

Prices are currently unavailable.


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