Barnaby Weir – Tarot Card Rock (EMI) CD REVIEW

Inexplicably, Barnaby Weir’s main projects -the Black Seeds and Fly My Pretties – have achieved considerable success. Inexplicably, Weir has now released an album of heart-felt but plodding roots rock, just because he can. Predictably, it’s even worse than the Black Seeds’ KC and the Sunshine Band imitations, or Fly My Pretties’ theatrical but anaemic country-rock.
Stylistic shapeshifters need to compensate for their musical ADHD with loads of personality, but that’s in short supply on Tarot Card Rock. What’s more, roots music positively demands that the sweat and fear and resonance of life experience flow through its veins, but Weir’s flirtation with the genre sounds flat, dull, suburban. Big fat miss.

Music = 1
Sound = 3

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