Pandora Gets Into Bed With Samsung

Pandora internet radio is to be included on Samsung’s SMART TV range.

pandora_radio-400-400PANDORA INTERNET RADIO has announced a partnership with Samsung NZ, which will make the streaming service available on the Samsung SMART TV range.

Rick Gleave, director of business development for Pandora NZ, says that consumers are increasingly expecting convenient access to content.

“With Kiwis now owning an average of seven connected devices, we must respond to allow consumers more choices in how they want to experience their content,” he says. “In partnering with Samsung we have further extended the range of devices Pandora is now accessible on, providing consumers with yet another way to discover new music, play the music they love and enjoy the best personalised radio experience anywhere, anytime.”

What’s odd, from Witchdoctor’s perspective, is the proprietary selections of television manufacturers on their ‘smart’ TVs. Compare that to the apps we download and use on our smartphones or tablets, where we can access any internet radio service we want – or at least, have a selection available – and the comparatively restrictive availability of services via ‘smart’ TVs start to look a bit odd.

Which isn’t to bash the idea of having Pandora on Samsung TVs: for any television hooked up to a decent sound system, the benefits of having a personalised internet radio service like Pandora available aren’t hard to see. It’s just that we want it all and we want it now, and for those of us stuck with a different TV brand, well…

462x347_smarttv-no-interactionPandora is available now on selected Samsung SMART TV models dated from 2011 through to the new 2014 range.

See Gary Steel’s Pandora opinion piece here.

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