Blood Orange – Cupid Deluxe (Domino/Universal) ALBUM REVIEW

50d9d42d31ec313cd29483c34bff46768fe43136_650x440IN CINEMA, THE auteur-director is history, killed by big budgets and the need to win back that investment from bums on seats. Music is different: the costs, especially in the digital era, are modest.

New York-based Devonté Hynes is a kind of sound auteur, a musical director bringing together his warped vision of smooth soul.

In the world of Blood Orange, it’s perfectly okay to lull the listener with a sensuous groove, while surprising blood-orange-cupid-deluxe1-500x500with a brief but delightful volley of multi-tracked baritone saxophones, or waiting half the duration of a song to introduce a female riposte to the male protagonist.

It’s that kind of record: on the face of it, smooth soul-funk moves, but full of strange and alluring additions just for the attentive listener. GARY STEEL

Music = 3.5 stars
Sound = 3 stars

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