Smash My Telephone Honey

Here’s a smartphone app that’s either bonkers or brilliant. You decide.

send-me-to-heaven-app-pano-1375741073THERE’S A SMARTPHONE app for everyone, and we’ve all come to take it for granted that if we need to be amused, informed or to communicate, we can download an app to do just that.
Now a Norwegian games developer called CarrotPop has crafted an app for the terminally stupid or ultra-rich called S.M.T.H (which stands for Send Me To Heaven, but should stand for Smash My Telephone Honey).
The app is available via the Android Play ( store, and is a game that sees more adventurous smartphone owners throwing their phone as high as they can and catching it in order to score points.
S.M.T.H features a big disclaimer, which isn’t terribly surprising because the higher you throw your phone and catch it, the more points you score as its trajectory is measured using your phone’s accelerometers. Scores are stored on an online leader-board. Bonkers or brilliant? I still can’t decide. PAT PILCHER

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