Mark Lanegan/Duke Garwood – Black Pudding (Ipecac) CD REVIEW

Mark_Lanegan_Duke_Garwood_Driver_95203130_thumbnailMARK LANEGAN’s 2012 solo release, Blues Funeral, was stunning – a surprising combination of caustic, nicotine-flecked blues-rock with a bit of Tom Waits’ drawling and more than a hint of Jim Morrison, minus the posing. It was one of the best rock records of the year, and accordingly, made it onto my little list.
Black Pudding takes a u-turn and a quick diversion down a one-way side street.
Collaborating with multi-instrumentalist Duke Garwood, the album is minimalist, spare and relies on both the grain of Lanegan’s bluesy delivery, and Garwood’s atmospheric backings, homepage_large.a818de96sometimes picked acoustic guitar, other times electric, or piano, or simply drones. Drums and percussion rarely make an appearance.
Lanegan’s emphysema croon is put to good use, but without the rock power of his last, I found it a little uneventful. Sometimes they record well away from the microphones, seemingly in an attempt to get an authentically documentary-style recording, but sadly, that sounds a little forced when you know they have both the dollars and the technology to get right up close.
For Lanegan or Garwood completists, perhaps, but a minor outing, nevertheless. GARY STEEL
Music = 3/5
Sound = 3/5

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