BOSE Founder Dies

Bose901resto01BOSE FOUNDER AMAR G. BOSE has died at the age of 83.
Although Witchdoctor’s hi-fi experts tend to be a bit sniffy about BOSE since the company became the paragon of so-called ‘Lifestyle’ (copyright!) products, there’s no doubting the singular genius of Amar G. Bose, whose inventive engineering and restless research and development made his company amongst the first to come up with a ‘concert hall in the home’ in the early days of consumer hi-fi.
A huge fan of classical music, Bose invented a stereo speaker based on psychoacoustics, and utilising the indirect way we perceive sound when music bounces off walls.
Most famous of all the BOSE products was the 901 Direct/Reflecting speaker, which was a best-seller for 25 years and has become a part of hi-fi history.
Amazingly, BOSE is still a private company, and until his death, he was its chairman.
RIP, Mr Amar G. Bose.


  1. Certainly an interesting design , but having heard a few different revisions over the years , probably not a particularly listenable one .
    Leaden , heavy bass , and treble that “carried on ” after the note should have stopped , due to excessive equalisation in trying to make an artificially enhanced frequency range , made it a party speaker , but one that was unsuited to reproducing anything like realistic sound with voices and / or acoustic instruments .

  2. aye,aye.
    proof that different is not betterer !

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