Orcon Goes Ultrafast In The Regions

ORCON’S ULTRAFAST BROADBAND went live in four new cities today: Hamilton, Whangarei, Nelson and Blenheim.

The lucky recipients of recently-installed UFB cable, the residents in these towns (customers in parts of Auckland, Palmerston North, Rotorua, Napier and Dunedin already get the service) can from today sign up to receive the faster service.

“It’s great to have four additional cities getting connected to UFB,” says Taryn Hamilton, General Manager at Orcon. “The roll-out of fibre in New Zealand is one of the most important investments this country has ever made – it’s going to completely change the way we do business and live our lives”.

Hamilton says Orcon is passionately committed to ensuring access for all Kiwis to a ‘fibre-powered New Zealand’ and looks forward to hitting the ground running in 2013.

“A fibred-up business community in New Zealand will transform our economy. With speeds markedly faster than traditional copper lines, the opportunities fibre offers are vast. Fibre is reliable and purpose-built for the future, it will radically change how we work and play. We look forward to connecting many more regions,” concludes Hamilton.

We can’t fault the sentiment, but Witchdoctor writer/editor Gary Steel, who lives a mere 30 minutes from Auckland, is still on internet speeds that would shame a tortoise. “It’s interesting”, notes Steel, “that ultra-fast broadband is arriving in more salubrious parts of outer Auckland like the leisure classes living on the East Coast, but that the ‘country cuzzies’ living on the West Coast and inland in areas like Kumeu, Waimauku and Helensville continue to suffer the lag.”

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