B&W Uses Maserati To Make Music

MASERATI AND BOWERS & Wilkins have developed a partnership, but it’s not the usual one where a high-end hi-fi company designs the audio system for a fancy car. Instead, B&W has taken a car and a well-known music producer to the famous Abbey Road Studios, where they’ve recorded the sound of a Maserati engine, and then used that sound to create music.

The project is called Seven Notes and it was inspired by the seven notes produced by all Maserati car engines.

The Seven Notes project has resulted in two original pieces of music, each featuring the notes of a Maserati engine. The tracks were written and arranged by musician and producer Howie B, who has worked with Björk and U2, and they were performed by All We Are, whose atmospheric soundscapes have been compared to the likes of Sigur Rós and The xx.

Videos, including a “making of” clip can be viewed on the Seven Notes website. The tracks can also be played there and both are available for free download as a 24-bit FLAC file or in Apple Lossless format.


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