Hamilton Music Appreciation Evening – April 10th

I’ve yet to actually make the trip down the motorway to Hamilton to get to one of the Audio Reference music evenings but I might just get off my butt this time. Any music/audio enthusiasts in the area should probably grab this chance to hear some very cool gear.

Tue 10th April from 7.30 – 10pm @ Audio Reference, Greenslade House, 1 Wellington St, Hamilton East

As Terry Humphries (Mr. Audio Reference) puts it:

You are invited to bring along a selection of music on CD or vinyl, as we go around the group each person introduces a piece of music, often you will get to play 2 or 3 tracks over the evening. It’s all very relaxed, a glass of wine is provided with a break for a cup of tea during the night.

At this stage it looks like we will be listening to our music on:

EAT Forte S turntable w/ Clearaudio Stradivari MM cartridge

Electrocompaniet Classic EMC-1UP Reference CD player

Electrocompaniet Classic 4.8 Reference Preamplifier

Electrocompaniet Classic ECP-1 RIAA phono stage

SGR MT3SL fully active 800w loudspeakers

XLO & Tellurium Q cables

We may also get some time to taste our NEW range of Brodmann Festival range of speakers too.

I’m sure that Terry would like to know if you’re planning on attending – terry@ar.co.nz


  1. “XOL & Tellurium Q cables”

    Who is “XOL” ?

    Is that supposed to be XLO ?

  2. Well spotted. Thanks.

  3. good to see the brand finally represented in nz.

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