AktiMate Speaker Systems now Available in NZ

Orange Road Audio is now importing and distributing AktiMate in New Zealand. Epoz developed AktiMate in Australia with the help of two renowned British Audio companies: Epos and Creek.

AktiMate systems are often described as iPod speakers but they are designed first and foremost for high performance sound. Being an active speaker, there is no need for an amplifier as it is built-in and with a universal power supply the speaker can be used anywhere in the world.

Two models are available initially with a third following in 2012:

MICRO: 40W amplifier driving 100mm woofers. The MICRO model has a concealed iPod/iPhone dock, a USB socket for playback from a PC and a 3.5mm jack plug input. (Black, Red or White Gloss). RRP $595

MINI: 40W amplifier driving 130mm woofers. Features a hidden iPod/iPhone dock, 3.5mm input for MP3 players, RCA inputs for CD player or tuner and a USB jack for charging purposes. These speakers can be placed right next to a television or monitor as they are fully shielded. Includes a remote control. (Black, Red or White Gloss). RRP $895

MAXI: 60W amplifier driving 165mm woofers. In addition to all the features of the Mini, the Maxi has FM radio, WiFi streaming, Internet radio and an alarm clock. Available in March/April 2012 – price TBC.


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