Sony’s High-speed External Hard Drives

SONY TODAY announced its new HD-EG5 external hard drives, which boast up to 3x faster transfer speeds with its Data Transfer Accelerator software.
The high-speed USB3.0 external hard drives are slim and stylish, easy to use with Sony hardware like Playstation 3, and feature Password Protection Manager software.
The HD-EG5 enables the user to save and access data quickly and conveniently, at home or on the go.
Sony claims that its new external hard drives are amongst the fastest 2.5-inch drives on the market.
This is Sony’s first series of external hard drives, and Leonard Gildenhuys, Product Manager for Sony NZ, says that “Sony has taken the lead by providing the fastest, most secure, and easiest-to-use product in the consumer storage market.”
They come in black, silver and pink and weigh just 220g. The first batch are all 500GB capacity.
The HD-EG5 will be available in November. A retail price is yet to be announced.

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