Samsung’s MultiView MV800 Camera

Samsung has announced the launch of its MultiView MV800 camera, which features a 3.0-inch wide flip-out touch display screen.
The MV800 is a 16.1 megapixel camera with 5x optical zoom lens, and its menu encourages users to choose from 14 artistic effects, including the new Water Paint and Cartoon settings.
The built-in Pose Guide function shows subjects how to get into the best position with line drawings on the LCD screen.
The MV800 will hit NZ stores late this month, and will retail for $399.05.


  1. kimberley Davadoss

    Hi There,

    I’m getting so frustrated, I just read this article a few days ago and thought ok the stores would probably be selling this camera now, but No ONE is selling it, its the last day of October tomorrow and no-one I’ve been to is selling it at all. Can you tell me if you know who is?

    Thank , Kimberley.

  2. Hi Kimberley, Samsung’s PR agency tell me the MV800 “should be in stores within the next couple of days”. Let us know how you get on!

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