Bad Company – Live At Wembley (Eagle Vision/Shock) DVD REVIEW

Had Bad Company not written the ultimate, thrusting anthem of horny, red-blooded machismo in the ‘Feel Like Making Love’, Dunedin band Mother Goose may never have felt the need to lampoon its moves with the feeble ‘Feel Like Making Scones’.
On this 2010 reunion, the group, improbably, perform like they’re on fire: tanned and gym-shaped vocalist Paul Rodgers bawls like a rhino, and the famous heaviosity of the group’s hard-rock/blues fusion is barely diminished.
Deeply unsettling, however, is the illusion that Wembley Stadium is crammed full of bellowing Homer Simpsons. GARY STEEL
Music = 3/5
Sound = 4/5

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