HP TouchPad lands

HP’s new TouchPad will land in NZ mid-August.
The TouchPad will feature a 9.7-inch “diagonal flush capacitive multitouch display, virtual keyboard, instand-on access, and support for Adobe Flash player in the browser”.
The HP TouchPad will be available with either 16 or 32 GB of internal storage, and prices start at $799 and $949 respectively.
HP’s blurb trumpets the idea of the TouchPad in a business environment, with its “next-level multitasking” that “lets you have multiple applications running at the same time. WebOS shows you your activities in the form of cards, not a sea of application icons.” The cards are automatically grouped in related categories.
The device claims to do everything a tablet-type computer should do, but given that this is Witchdoctor, we were most intrigued by this line:
“The HP TouchPad music app lets you transfer and play songs from your personal music collection, with amazing sound quality by Beats Audio.”
We’ll be harassing HP to get us one to review, so keep tuned.

* More info can be gleaned here: www.hp.co.nz/touchpad

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