Writers Wanted

If you’re into technology and can string your words together in a way that will make Witchdoctor readers sit up and take notice, then we want you!

Witchdoctor is looking for writers to join our team. Whether you’re into hi-fi and home theatre or computers and gadgets or cameras and photography, we’d like you to review the latest kit and to start a blog. Let the world have a long and scary look into your mind, specifically your technology related thought processes.

If you’re keen to chat, then drop Gary Steel a line using the address in the contact field at the top right hand side of the site.


  1. A long and scary look into my mind?
    Howz about a short and terrifying one? Sadly I must accept your offer!
    Is something frying? I SMELL SOMETHING FRYING!

  2. Lnog and scary indeed! Who knows what lurks in the minds of men – we’re about to find out folks…

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