This vs. That

Further to my previous blog post re. my traveling photography kit, I was thinking about traveling light but I’ve made the final decision. The full DSLR rig as below will be staying in NZ when I head off for my trip. That’s a Nikon D200, 35mm F2 lens, 18-200mm lens and a 12-24mm lens plus filters, a dedicated backpack and a monopod or probably a big tripod. All up weight? Way too much. Space requirements? Also too much.

Instead I’ll have this lot with me – a Canon S95 and a little Joby GorillaPod (well it’s so small that it should be called a MonkeyPod). All up weight? About the same as a big bar of chocolate. Space requirements? One pocket.

Looks like minimalism has won out here but with the S95, I’m not worried about missing too many shots.

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