Perreaux Audiant Video Walkthrough

I don’t want to duplicate Kramer’s splendiferous Audiant first look blog, but I did have my handy action cam on hand so I decided to produce the first of what will be regular cinematic previews.
We pulled out all the stops to get James Earl Jones to do the commentary, but as he (and our second choice Sir David Attenborough) was busy on location somewhere on Earth I decided to do my very best and commit my voice to cyberspace.

Needless to say we were all pretty impressed with the Audiant, it is already a good sounding amplifier that will sound even better by launch date. Factor in a beefy 80wpc, plenty of dac inputs and a well-designed MM phono input, the new Perreaux looks like excellent value for money – notwithstanding a few prototypal bugs that will be ironed out for its official product launch in December (just in time for Xmas – start saving).

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  1. Come on Pearce! Wheres your tripod?

  2. Ha ha – I was going for a ‘Blair Witch Project’ handicam effect. In fact if I’d captured Kramer and Steel on camera, it would have been even scarier…

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