Cricut EasyPress 3 launches in NZ

June 9, 2023
2 mins read

PAT PILCHER takes a look at the EasyPress 3 which makes iron-on projects much simpler and more easily crinkle-free.

So you’ve discovered the near-endless creativity options available with Cricut. In that case, chances are you’re already familiar with what is required for ironing on any designs you’ve crafted onto t-shirts, bags, shoes, hats or even mugs. It is an exacting process. Not only does the heat need to be exactly right depending on the material being ironed onto your design, but you also need to have the ironing duration perfect.

None of this was wasted on the folks from Cricut. They’ve launched the EasyPress 3, a heat press designed to make iron-on projects much simpler and more efficient. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity to the Cricut Heat app, it makes for near-perfect results every time.

The Cricut EasyPress 3 resembles the shrunken love child of industrial ironing presses used in commercial laundries and a panini maker. Its sleek and compact design makes for easy storage too. A ceramic-coated heat plate distributes heat evenly, and it works with a temperature range of 94c to 204c, so you can use it to achieve perfect results with almost any fabric. A solid base also lends it greater stability and a better grip, which makes using it much less of a crapshoot than making do with an electric iron and tea towel. The EasyPress 3 comes in two sizes: 9-inch x 9-inch (228×228 mm) for an RRP of $349.95, and a 12-inch x 10-inch (304.8mm x 254mm) version for larger projects for $449.95.

The single-most notable feature of the EasyPress 3 is its Bluetooth connectivity to the Cricut Heat app. With the app, you select the type of transfer and the material it is to be applied to. The app then directly provides the ideal transfer time and temperature settings to the press, reducing the guesswork needed to give perfect results every time. The Cricut Heat app is also intuitive and dead easy to use thanks easy to follow, on-screen, step-by-step instructions and a bomb-proof user interface.

Quick heating also makes for a vastly improved workflow, especially if you are crafting multiple or bulk copies of your project. Instead of waiting an age for it to heat up, you’re good to go in mere seconds. Seeing when the EasyPress 3 has done its work is also a complete doddle as it has a built-in timer display that counts down seconds until your project is complete. The timer is also visible on the Cricut Heat app.

If you’re cranking out many projects with the Cricut, getting the EasyPress 3 is a no-brainer. Its Bluetooth connectivity to the Cricut Heat app and user-friendly operation consistently deliver perfect results, making it a hugely useful addition for iron-on projects. Its sleek and compact design is well thought through, so its learning curve is almost non-existent. All told the EasyPress 3 is a solid investment that will save serious Circuit users significant amounts of time and effort.

$349.95 (9-inch x9-inch) or $449.95 (12-inch x 10-inch)


Pat has been talking about tech on TV, radio and print for over 20 years, having served time as a TV tech guy and currently penning reviews for Witchdoctor. He loves nothing more than rolling his sleeves up and playing with shiny gadgets.

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