New Auckland audio club forms

June 29, 2021
3 mins read

Fancy a monthly get-together to listen to music on superb hi-fi gear with other audio appreciators? Witchdoctor gets all the info.


It’s something that people don’t do so much anymore. That is: get together in a room and listen to a variety of music on superb audio gear.

That’s the raison d’etre of the new Auckland Hi-Fi Club, which holds its second meeting this Thursday.


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The idea of a bunch of blokes (and sadly, it usually is mostly blokes but females or those of indiscriminate gender are always welcome) sitting in the sweet spot hoping to experience sonic nirvana may seem intrinsically nerdy to many. But for those who understand the thrills that can be had from hearing their favourite music on the kind of system they’ve always dreamt of owning, it’s a very special thing indeed. (And of course, the chance to fraternise with others of a similar disposition).

We asked Auckland Hi-Fi Club organiser Deano Lambert all about the new club.


Witchdoctor – Hi Deano. Can you tell me a little about what prompted you to start the Auckland Audio Club?

Deano – We wanted to start a club that wasn’t restricted by a club-only system. For example, every month is a new system, and members can vote on which components they would like to listen to.


Witchdoctor – There used to be some kind of audiophile listening group in Auckland. Did that just fade away, and is yours the same basic idea or something a bit different?

Deano – There is still another hi-fi club, but the environment had become quite toxic, and their venue is really bad acoustically. We’re completely different. For example, we selected after many months a venue that worked acoustically. We also have the room treated so the components showcased are sounding their best. We are about the music and want to hear members’ selections. This way we discover new music. On our website, you can see the last playlist from Session 1. The diversity is superb. After the first session, I bought four new CDs. These are albums that would never have appeared on my radar had I not heard them that night. I love that! Bring your favourite music and even your guilty pleasures!


A Chord Electronics Qutest DAC will feature this month

Witchdoctor – This week’s session is in the Lounge Room of the Community of St Luke in Remuera Rd. Is this going to be the venue every time? I gather that it’s a nice acoustic space to hear music?

Deano – Yes, same venue every month, and we have bass traps and acoustic panels we bring to treat the room


Witchdoctor – Do people just bowl up on the night or do they have to book, and is it a real club where people have to join to participate?

Deano – Members have to register by email first. However, membership is free.


Witchdoctor – Is the hi-fi club exclusively set up to show off new gear, or are there opportunities for audio nuts to demo their own systems or interesting legacy systems?

Deano – For now it’s new systems. However, we will be introducing members’ system nights.


An Innuos Zenith Streaming Server running Roon will feature this month

Witchdoctor – As the “face of Rapallo” some might think there’s a conflict of interest. Are you open to demoing gear that may not be available at Rapallo?

Deano – Yes, we encourage other retailers to contact us. We are a completely separate entity. No funding or conditions are imposed by Rapallo. We would love to hear other retailers and importers’ products.


Witchdoctor – What gear will be under consideration at the next evening?

Deano – Check out the website as the next event details and lineup are listed. (See below).


Witchdoctor – How long do the sessions go for?

Deano – From 6.30pm to 10pm.


PrimaLuna EVO400 Pre & Power Amplifiers will feature this month

Witchdoctor – If there’s anything else you want to communicate about the Auckland Hi-Fi Club events, go for it!

Deano – I just wanted to finish by saying that everyone is invited, ladies, gentlemen, young and old, the venue has wheelchair access, so we are disability-friendly too, our motto is “bringing friends and music together” and that’s what we are all about. And don’t forget to bring your music along.


  • Thursday 1st July from 630pm – The Lounge Room, Community of St Luke, 130 Remuera Road, Remuera.

The gear this month: PrimaLuna EVO400 Pre & Power Amplifiers & Innuos Zenith Streaming Server running Roon. Plus: Chord Electronics Qutest DAC, Heco La Diva Floor Standing Speakers, AudioQuest Rocket 11 Speaker Cables, AudioQuest Water XLR to XLR Balanced Interconnects.



Steel has been penning his pungent prose for 40 years for publications too numerous to mention, most of them consigned to the annals of history. He is Witchdoctor's Editor-In-Chief/Music and Film Editor. He has strong opinions and remains unrepentant. Steel's full bio can be found here

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