Samsung's Jet Pet stick vacuum cleaner

Samsung Jet Pet 90 Stick Vacuum Cleaner REVIEW

September 7, 2020
4 mins read
Samsung Jet Pet 90 Stick Vacuum Cleaner REVIEW


Samsung Jet Pet 90 Stick Vacuum Cleaner REVIEW

PAT PILCHER’s house is a playpen for two furry hounds, so Samsung thought they’d stick it to him with their new Jet Pet vacuum cleaner.

$1,099 (plus $279 for the clean station)

Samsung’s Jet Pet stick vacuum cleaner

My first impression of the Jet Pet 90 was that Samsung had cloned Dyson’s V11 stick Vacs (see that review here). The Jet Pet looks uncannily similar, with the motor and bin by the handle, as well as an attachment for holding cleaning accessories. I guess this could be more a case of there only being so many ways you can design a stick vac so that its weight is distributed correctly.

A closer look reveals some differences. For a start, there are replaceable batteries and a nifty charging stand. Its dust bin is also removable, and its filter is washable too. Asthmatics and those with allergies can breathe easy. The five-layered HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air filtration system) filter captures dust particles, pollen and mould spores (which Samsung says can be as small as 0.3~10µm).

If allergies are an issue, the optional Cleaning Station might be of benefit. It’s a tall, rectangular widget that you attach the dust bin to. Using air pressure, it empties the dust bin into small bags so that no dust escapes into your home. It does require you to buy Samsung dust bags, but for avoiding dust, pollen, and mould, it really is the business.

Samsung’s Jet Pet stick vacuum cleaner

Unlike Dyson’s vacs, there is no trigger. It seemed odd at first, but for those with hand mobility issues, an on/off switch and controls for choosing power modes may be less fatiguing than holding a trigger down. There’s also a simple display for showing warnings for blockages and power levels.

The removable battery is a particularly nice touch. However, Samsung only provides the one battery in the box – you must buy additional batteries. I could grizzle about the lack of an extra battery, but the sheer usefulness of removable batteries cannot be overstated.

As has become evident with the recent Consumer Magazine study on stick vacuum cleaners, batteries wear out over time. With a removable battery, replacing worn-out and dead batteries instead of the entire vacuum cleaner is possible. That’s not only a win for your pocket or purse but the environment too.

Samsung’s Jet Pet stick vacuum cleaner

The bundled charging stand also wins points. It not only charges the vac but has a spare charging slot for an additional battery, but it isn’t petite. As it’s a floor-standing model (it can also be wall-mounted), it comes with a solid base. Out of the box, you will need to assemble it, but that isn’t too challenging. It not only makes storing the Jet Pet easier but also ensures it’s ready for use when needed.

There’s also plenty of accessories bundled. For most, the turbo brush will do the job. It worked well on the wooden floors in my kitchen, but also lifted dirt and dog hair from the many rugs scattered around our home. Annoyingly, some of the rugs caused its spinning brush to stop, requiring the Jet Pet be restarted to get it spinning again.

Maybe that’s because, unlike Dyson’s V11 Absolute, the Jet Pet doesn’t have sensors that adjust suction power and spinning brush torque depending on floor surfaces. That annoyance aside, the turbo brush is easy to remove and slides out of the side of the attachment for easy cleaning.

Samsung’s Jet Pet clean station, nifty eh!

Another touch that was appreciated was the extension pole. It can be extended to a height that suits the individual user, so there is no stooping to use the vacuum.

There’s also a mini motorised turbo head with a spinning brush. It was handy for cleaning stairs, upholstery and bedding. A flexible tool made reaching under furniture or up to high shelves a doddle too. No chairs or step ladders were harmed in the testing of the Jet Pet.

Weighing in at just 2.8kg, the Jet Pet is also light. This makes it easy to use with minimal strain. Like most stick vacs, its weight is located around your wrist, but it feels well balanced, so prolonged use wasn’t fatiguing.

Samsung’s Jet Pet stick vacuum cleaner uses a cyclone system

Unfortunately, Samsung didn’t supply the optional power mop attachment. It features two spinning discs, which have Velcro-like fittings for attaching wet microfibre cloths (you can alternatively buy disposable wipes through Samsung).

Getting enough battery life to vacuum a typical NZ home has been a challenge for stick vac users. With the Jet Pet set to Mid power, I got just over 30 minutes of use which equated to just under an hour with two batteries. Using it on minimum power mode, I got just on 60 minutes per battery, which equates to two hours of cleaning with the extra battery. Max power mode, however, only ran for just under six minutes per battery. That said, it’s only intended for spot use as a means of picking up stubborn dust. Speaking of batteries, each battery feature three blue charge indicator LEDs. These go out as you use power and the last indicator light blinks when it needs charging. It isn’t quite as elegant as the Dyson V11 Absolute’s screen, but it does the job.

The Jet Pet is also quiet, which helps make it pet friendly. My two greyhounds really don’t like vacuum cleaners. With the Jet Pet on its medium setting, its noise was noticeable, but I could still hear others talking, and my two hounds didn’t lift an ear. The maximum power mode is louder, but not to the point where it’s unpleasant for my hounds or me.

Samsung’s stick vacuum cleaner ha san adjustable pipe

So how good does the Jet Pet suck? It does a good job. While it defaults to mid-power, I typically found myself using Minimum power, which proved enough for getting most dust and grime off the floor. Switching to Medium or Maximum was handy and helped attack and eliminate stubborn dirt.

Its quiet-ish operation and excellent performance most likely comes down to the powerful Digital Inverter Motor (which delivers up to 200W of suction power) and a cyclone Jet system. The cyclone system consists of nine separate cyclone intakes (each with three-way air inlets). These provide an air path that drops air resistance in the dust bin, so even when the dust bin is almost full, you won’t experience a loss of suction.

The Jet Pet does an excellent job. It’s more affordable than its competitors, and the removable batteries make it possible to clean a large house by swapping dead batteries out for freshly charged ones. Thanks to its bundled charging stand, the Jet Pet is always ready and fully charged. Its extendable and lightweight design also makes for excellent ergonomics, so vacuuming a typical home isn’t too fatiguing. Add to this decent vacuuming performance on hard floors, and there’s lots to like.


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