T+A Takes The High-end Audio World By Stealth

March 12, 2019
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Super high-end HV Series gear is on the way from T+A, the German company that makes competitors quake in their boots. 


T+A is one of the best-kept secrets in the hi-fi world. Sporting extraordinary standards of excellence and innovation in electronics, engineering and design, the German company is poised to release a raft of new HV Series products.

Within just two years the HV Series has developed into a line of high-end electronics which has gained some of the finest reviews and assessments world-wide. In that short time it has made T+A the leading high-end manufacturer in Germany.

The HV-series first appeared in 2013, and was based on the company’s 30 years of experience in the development and construction of first-class transistor amplifiers and valve devices.

The new series incorporates a revolutionary concept combining the sonic and technical advantages of both technologies, and at the same time avoiding the inherent disadvantages of present-day valves. The HV (aka High Voltage) technology is employed in the amplifier stages of all the gear in this series, and is the secret behind the  outstanding performance and sound quality.

The source devices of the same series are just as uncompromising and superb as the amplifiers. They represent absolutely the highest level in the processing and reproduction of all digital sources.

Included in the new product range is:

SDV 3100 HV Streaming DAC Preamp – This digital/analogue converter is double the resolution of previous models: 32-bit / 768 kHz for PCM and DSD 1024 for bitstream data. This improvement required meticulous refinement work on the previous converters, and at the same time developing a completely new USB receiver for these high frequencies.

SD3100 Streaming DAC – Known as ‘The Reference Streaming DAC’, the SD 3100 HV is a purist converter / streamer which in an HV system acts as an ultra-high quality player and converter for every imaginable digital source. It can be connected to the P 3000 HV pre-amplifier or the PA 3100 HV integrated amplifier via one of its analogue outputs. If you wish to play CD or SACD, the PDT 3100 HV reference disc mechanism can be connected to the SD 3100 HV. The SD 3100 HV – and also a full HV system – can be controlled using the F 3100 remote control handset or one of the T+A apps.

PDT3100 HV CD/SACD Transport – A purist CD / SACD mechanism which does not feature supplementary integral digital sources or converters. It has been developed uniquely and exclusively for the uncompromising task of reading SACD and CD, and is fitted with a new decoder / drive mechanism which has been developed from the ground up. This mechanism reads and decodes CD and SACD without error and to the very highest standards of quality. The mechanism is integrated into a heavy drive unit manufactured to rigidly high standards, designed to shield and isolate it completely. The mechanical system is extremely refined.

  • Prices are to be confirmed. T+A is distributed in New Zealand by PQ Imports.


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