Dyson's Pure Cool Me Air Purifier Fan

Dyson Pure Cool Me Air Purifier Fan REVIEW

November 10, 2019
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Dyson Pure Cool Me Air Purifier Fan REVIEW


Dyson Pure Cool Me Air Purifier Fan REVIEW



PAT PILCHER loves a good blow job, especially when it’s running hot and cool and pure like Dyson’s Cool Me Air Purifier Fan.

Dyson Pure Cool Me review
Dyson’s Pure Cool Me Air Purifier Fan

You’ve got to hand it to Dyson. They make quirky and undeniably smart gear. At our place, they’ve made vacuuming fun, and that’s two words I never thought I’d ever use together. Dyson’s Hot And Cool Pure Air Purifier also keeps the air free of allergens so my hayfever-prone wife isn’t a wheezy mess when spring arrives.

Sitting at home on a chilly Wellington spring day, the long warm days of summer seem so far away. But I’m already thinking of those hot, muggy summer nights where it’s next to impossible to get a decent night’s kip.

Last summer, Dyson’s Pure Cool Link Fan directed a cool breeze at us during hot and steamy nights, and now there’s a new kid in town called the Pure Cool Me. Where the Pure Cool Link Fan was a big cyclops-like unit (which made keeping it out of the way bit of a mission), Dyson has applied some engineering smarts to make the Pure Cool Me a much smaller widget that’s easy to put away when not in use.

Dyson Pure Cool Me review
Dyson’s Pure Cool Me Air Purifier Fan

Convex Beauty

The Pure Cool Me is quite a beautiful beast. Its top consists of a convex surface tucked away inside a rounded ball-like ball head, giving it something of an R2D2 like look. Its base is short, and its rounded the head is far smaller than on previous Dyson desktop fans. Because of this, the Pure Cool Me can be placed on a desk or bedside a table with little to no difficulty.

Dyson has done away with the Air Multiplier technology of their previous offerings, upgrading it to what they call Core Flow tech. They say that the Harrier Jump Jet inspired Core Flow. While the Pure Cool Me didn’t perform any vertical take-offs or landings while being reviewed, it did blast a super-concentrated and deliciously cool stream of air at us.

I found during this Dyson Pure Cool Me review that its air is both voluminous and very directional. That Dyson has managed to achieve this with such a tiny unit is nothing short of ingenious. The other big positive was that the Pure Cool Me also operates quietly.

Core Flow came to be after Dyson engineers found that when two streams of air meet on a curved surface they merge, creating a high-pressure jet of focused air. Because of this, the Pure Cool Me can deliver a laser-like stream of air with pinpoint accuracy.

Dyson’s Pure Cool Me Air Purifier Fan

As with previous Dyson fans, the Pure Cool Me is driven using a remote (which can be attached/detached magnetically from its body). Not too far from where the remote sits is a small LCD display. It gives you an at-a-glance overview of fan speed and how long you have left before you need to change the air filter. The filter is a doddle to replace. You just lift the top off, and the filter can be pulled out, and its replacement dropped in.

Remote Required

During my Dyson Pure Cool Me review, I found that it needs its bundled remote, as its only built-in control is a single power button. With the remote you get fan speed, a timer, and oscillation control for your cooling pleasure. Additionally, you also get a button for displaying filter life. Dyson’s blurb says that (based on 12 hours of use a day) a filter should last for about a year. That said, your mileage will vary widely depending on both on your usage and air quality.

Dyson’s Pure Cool Me Air Purifier Fan

Unlike other earlier Dyson fan offerings, the Pure Cool Me cannot let you know what the air quality is like in your home, which sort of makes sense as first and foremost it’s a personal fan that blows purified air. Its filter is no slouch though; it can capture 99.95 percent of all airborne matter.

The other thing missing from the Pure Cool Me is app control. Sadly, this meant there was no saying, “Alexa turn on/off the bedroom fan” from the comfort of my bed. It’s a personal fan, which means that in use it’s usually going to be within arm’s reach when you’re using it. An upside of this is that the absence of any fancy-pants app integration also keeps the price down – just don’t lose the remote.

Dyson Pure Cool Me Review – Summary

If you’re looking for something to clear dust, pollen and other allergens from a room, Dyson’s Pure Hot+Cool (which also works as a kickass fan heater in winter) is probably a better bet. If you’re looking for something to deliver fresh air with minimal fuss, then the Pure Cool Me is a great choice.

Dyson Pure Cool Me review
Dyson’s Pure Cool Me Air Purifier Fan

For keeping yourself fresh, and not having all the bits and bobs on your desk blown away, the laser-precise blast of crisp air from the Pure Cool Me really is the business.


Pat has been talking about tech on TV, radio and print for over 20 years, having served time as a TV tech guy and currently penning reviews for Witchdoctor. He loves nothing more than rolling his sleeves up and playing with shiny gadgets.

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