NAD Launches Modular Design Construction Components

April 2, 2012
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NAD Electronics has announced the release of three new models which take a decidedly ‘Less is More’ approach – the latest Modular Design Construction (MDC) AV designs are the T 787 AV Surround Sound Receiver, T 777 AV Surround Sound Receiver, and the T 187 AV Surround Sound Preamp Processor.

This trio of models represents NAD’s dedication to simplicity. Taking care not to overload devices with too much needless and costly feature content, NAD only includes technology features that prove to be important. Yet, new features can be added in the future thanks to the company’s Modular Design Construction program.

With digital technology, the current trend is to build remarkably complex AV receivers, but the fast rate of changing technology quickly makes today’s “state-of-the-art” obsolete. NAD’s solution to rapidly evolving technology is the company’s exclusive Modular Design Construction (MDC).

Now in its seventh year with three generations of MDC Upgrade Modules, MDC is a proven award-winning program. MDC Upgrade Modules are replaceable circuit modules that update the digital technology of the AV receiver or preamp processor to new standards and features. Instead of buying a completely new unit for the next version of HDMI or new surround modes, owners of the NAD T 787, T 777, or T 187 can simply purchase the required module for a fraction of the cost of a new model.

NAD uses multiple high power DSPs in the T 787, T 777, and T 187 to perfectly implement lossless HD surround formats from Dolby and DTS. Each model also features NAD’s non-logic matrix surround mode called EARS (Enhanced Ambience Retrieval System), which gives stereo recordings a completely natural and spacious ambience. Premium 24/192 analogue-to-digital and digital-to-analogue converters are employed to retain the full detail and resolution of high definition material for maximum musicality and incredible surround effects. Audyssey MultEQ XT is also provided for easy speaker setup and state-of-the-art digital room correction.

The T 787, T 777, and T 187 all sport 7 HDMI inputs and 2 outputs to effortlessly handle the most ambitious system architectures. With full support for HD and 3D video at resolutions up to 1080p at frame rates of 24, 50 and 60FPS, the new AV collection can handle all present HD formats. HD digital video has become the primary format in today’s video systems, so NAD has taken the position to “do no harm” to the pristine video signal. Opposed to adding or subtracting anything from the video signal, these models follow the resolution of the source component up to the limit of the display device with zero processing.

Through its “virtual input” concept, NAD uniquely combines complete flexibility with simple setup and operation to allow users a home theatre setup tailored for their own needs. For example, physical inputs can be shared across virtual inputs, allowing one HDMI video source to be shared on two inputs with different audio connections. Inputs can also be renamed, and unused inputs can be “turned off” to eliminate the confusion and hassle of flipping through empty inputs.

With Ethernet IP control, serial RS-232, IR input, and 12V triggers, these models offer total flexibility and control over several different advanced home automation systems including AMX, Control4, Crestron and Savant. NAD includes its own advanced learning HTR 8 Remote, which can control up to eight devices, plus macro options that support up to 64 different operations with a single key function. Popular smart remotes are also supported.

T 787 AV Surround Sound Receiver

Powerful enough for a multi-seat theatre, this 7 x 120W AV receiver includes two high current Toroidal transformers for the most articulate and powerful sound available in a receiver. One power supply is dedicated exclusively to the front left and right channels for music listening with the inclusion of ultra-high-end loudspeakers.

T 777 AV Surround Sound Receiver

Far more powerful than its power ratings indicate, this 7 x 80W AV receiver can power high-end home theatres to lifelike listening levels without any problems at all. Like its more powerful T 787 stablemate, the T 777 uses NAD’s exclusive PowerDrive circuit to maximize dynamic power and low impedance drive capability. 4 Ohm speakers are no problem!

T 187 AV Surround Sound Preamp Processor

Perfect for the most advanced home theatre setup, this preamp processor will complement any high performance multi-channel power amplifier.

T 787 AV Surround Sound Receiver $4,999

T 777 AV Surround Sound Receiver $3,999

T 187 AV Surround Sound Preamp Processor $3,999

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