Rugby World Cup 2011 to be Shown Live on Giant 3D Screens at Arenas and Cinemas Nationwide

May 17, 2011
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The final four matches of Rugby World Cup 2011 will be filmed and shown live in 3D on giant screens in arenas throughout New Zealand as well as at cinemas.

Apparently, this is a holographic image.

Fans will be able to come together to experience the excitement of the two semi-finals, the Bronze final and Final in larger-than-life, high quality 3D at arenas and cinemas across the country.

“It’s like 40,000 new front row seats have just gone on sale,” says Ronel Schodt of 3DLive, the Official 3D Broadcaster of Rugby World Cup 2011. “New Zealanders will be able to experience the final four matches together in 3D, cheering and celebrating with friends and family in cinemas and arenas across the country. It’s as close as you’ll ever get to being at Eden Park without being there.”

Rugby World Cup matches will be specially filmed for the giant screen with advanced 3D cameras.

With 3D cameras, spectators can see everything in focus – front line and back line players – and wide angle shots show more of the field at once. Eight 3D cameras will film from around the edge of the pitch. The cameras look across the field, enhancing the sense of depth and giving viewers the equivalent of a ‘moving front row seat’.

This is the first time worldwide 3D sport has been broadcast live to arena crowds, although live 3D broadcasts to cinemas are becoming popular internationally. The Six Nations Rugby was broadcast to cinemas in the UK and Ireland last year, and major sports events such as Wimbledon, the PGA Tour and the Olympics are now filmed in 3D.

A 12m long truck containing a 3D screen showing footage of SANZAR Rugby and Six Nations Rugby matches is touring the length of the country throughout May so people can see 3D rugby for themselves. Details of locations are available at

Seven arenas and over 20 cinema screens will screen the final four matches. They include Vector Arena, Claudelands Events Centre, Te Rauparaha Arena Porirua, Wellington Town Hall, Canterbury Arena, Edgar Centre Dunedin, Regent Theatre Dunedin, as well as cinemas nationwide. 20,000 cinema seats around Australia will also screen the matches.

The 3D depth effect is stronger on larger screens, and the arena screens range from 10m wide up to 18m wide. Viewers will be given high-quality wraparound polarised glasses to see the 3D effect.

Stadium ticket prices start at $69.90 for the Bronze final, rising to $109.90 for Premium seating at the Final. Tickets for children under 14 start at $59.90 and are $89.90 for the Final. Cinema tickets are to be confirmed.

The filming will be done by New Zealand company 3D Live in conjunction with international 3D broadcaster Inition, who filmed the 2010 Six Nations Rugby tournament in 3D and broadcast it into 40 sold-out cinemas across the UK and Ireland.

Tickets details are available at and can be purchased online or from each venue or cinema from 24 May.

– ENDS –
Indoor Arena Venues
· Vector Arena, Auckland
· Claudelands Events Centre, Hamilton
· Wellington Town Hall, Wellington
· Te Rauparaha Arena, Porirua, Wellington
· Canterbury Arena, Christchurch
· Edgar Centre, Dunedin
· Regent Theatre, Dunedin
· Nearly 35,000 arena seats in total per match

· At over 20 cinemas nationwide.
· 5,000 seats in cinemas across New Zealand per match
· 20,000 cinema seats in Australia will also show each match

Arena Ticket Prices
· Semi-finals Standard Seat: $79.90
· Semi-finals Premium Seat: $89.90
· Bronze final Standard Seat: $69.90
· Bronze final Premium Seat: $79.90
· Final Standard Seat: $99.90
· Final Premium Seat: $109.90
· Children’s discount: Kids under 14 are $10 less that the adults arena prices

NZ Cinema Ticket Prices
· Semi-finals cinema seat: $45.00
· Bronze final cinema seat: $40.00
· Final cinema seat: $50.00

Match Dates
· Semi-final 1, 15 Oct 9pm, Winner QF 1 – Winner QF 2
· Semi-final 2, 16 Oct 9pm, Winner QF 3 – Winner QF 4
· Bronze final, 21 Oct 8.30pm
· Final, 23 Oct 9pm

See for details of venues and to buy tickets.

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