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March 30, 2011

An extended range of PrimaLuna valve hi-fi components is now available in NZ. Two lines will now be brought in by importer International Dynamics – the ProLogue and the DiaLogue series.

ProLogue Level

PrimaLuna Prologue Classic integrated amplifier

This line of the PrimaLuna family covers a range of amplifiers and CD players. The Classic sub-line of the ProLogue series offers users the latest evolutions of the original Prologue amplifiers.

The ProLogue Classic integrated amplifier offers hand-made construction and uses point-to-point wiring. It features an EL34/KT88 bias switch which allows users to choose between the optimum tube bias setting with the flick of a switch.

The ProLogue Classic CD is the newest piece in PrimaLuna’s critically acclaimed line of affordable, high quality tube products. Built using heavy-gauge steel, its fully-vented chassis boasts a five-coat, high gloss automotive grade finish with each coat hand-rubbed and polished. It features a Burr Brown upsampler and DAC, as well as advanced custom-designed isolation transformers which enable improved sonics and reduced signal degradation.

The Premium sub-line of the ProLogue series offers a variety of amplifiers and a CD player. This range of tube electronics incorporates the best elements from the original ProLogue line as well as carefully selected features from the more upmarket DiaLogue series. The Premium series uses Prima Luna’s innovative Adaptive Auto-Bias circuitry and includes four new circuits: BTI-circuit, PTP-circuit, OTP-circuit and +B relay.

The Premium integrated amplifier has new output and power transformers, front-end circuitry and a full-function remote. The pre amplifier in this range also includes these features. The ProLogue Premium monoblock and stereo power amplifiers also boast the same new features (minus the remote of course). The stereo power amp employs the use of zero negative feedback topology which allows for greater tonality and better musicality overall. The monoblock power amps use dual feedback topology which utilises both current and negative feedback with the end result of gaining all the benefits of feed-back but without the drawbacks. As with all of the PrimaLuna components, the full ProLogue series is hand-made and built using premium parts including ceramic tube sockets, toroidal power transformers and gold plated RCA jacks.

DiaLogue Level

The DiaLogue range takes PrimaLuna to the next level. This series contains of a selection of amplifiers which aim to satisfy audiophiles’ most stringent demands.

PrimaLuna Dialogue 6 monoblock power amplifiers

DiaLogue One and Two are the integrated amplifiers in this line, both feature a toroidal power transformer for low hum and triode/ultralinear switching to control the operation of the power tubes.

The pre amplifier in this range is the DiaLogue Three, with DiaLogue Four and Five as the two stereo power amplifiers. The new driver and phase splitter circuitry in these power amps works to produce a rare natural tonality and the DiaLogue Five also boasts upgraded Solen capacitors to improve the mid-band clarity.

The two Monoblock amplifiers here are the DiaLogue Six and Seven which also use the new dual-feedback topology. Component quality is of a very high standard across the board. The DiaLogue Seven has been recognised in many industry awards, receiving a “Product of the Year” Award from The Absolute Sound.

All the new models are now available, starting at $2,499 for the ProLogue Classic integrated amp (EL34) and running up to the DiaLogue Seven monoblock power amps at $7,499

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