NZ hi-fi distributor announces acquisition of top French brand Advance Paris

PQ Imports takes on exquisite French brand Advance Paris and its extensive lineup of products.

The Advance Classic A10

Respected local hi-fi importer PQ Imports has added to its portfolio (which currently includes well-known and loved brands like Mofi Electronics, Magneplanar, PrimaLuna, ProAc and REL) has sealed the deal with top French audio company Advance Paris.

The longtime importer/distributor UK-based Cambridge Audio lost that brand earlier this year to an Australian-based outfit, and was looking for a replacement that was both well-regarded and offered a wide range of gear. Paul Quilter found it in Advance Paris, an audiophile manufacturer very well known and well regarded in Europe but until now, not in these far-flung climes.

Witchdoctor will report on and hopefully review some of the highlights of the Advance lineup in the near future. For now, Paul says that the most popular models so far have been the streaming amplifiers known as Playstream as well as the all-in-one MyConnect series amplifiers which have tube preamp stages.

The Advance Paris gear, as can be gleaned from the photos, has a sultry Gallic charm and features a desirable combination of retro and cutting edge elements.

The Advance Classic MyConnect

The Classic A10, for instance, is a 130 watt hybrid integrated amp featuring a tube preamp stage and is switchable Class A/B. It is extremely versatile and includes the usual inputs including HDMI and HDMI ARC. It will retail for $3499.

The Playstream range features three versatile units including the A7 at 115 watts and just about every input and output you could imagine. This model will retail for $2999.

Check the PQ Imports site for local retail prices and information. More to come soon!

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