An entertaining selection of silly signs from the Parliament protest

They’re endless riches and easy pickings, really. Our resident Wellingtonian, PAT PILCHER, selects some of his favourite silly signs from the protest.

UPDATE: While we at Witchdoctor towers are unsure if this is a giant piss-take from the stinky end of the anti-mandate protest, reports are surfacing (along with photos) of protestors wearing tin foil hats.

protestors in tinfoil hats

According to the media, the protestors, not content with setting up a super spreader event, have decided that wrapping their heads in tin foil and impersonating Hershy Kisses will protect them from a misguided (and lets be honest, demented) consipracy theory that the growing numbers of protestors falling ill with Omnicron are instead being “zapped” by government radiation weapons from the roof of a nearby church. Honestly, you couldnt make this shit up…

Conpiracy theories aside, the Microwave oven in the cabinet lunch-room is unlikely to be used for anything more than warming pies. Any credibility the protestors had is rapidly vanishing as their numbers dwindle and santiation conditions continue to deteriorate. While we at Witchdoctor think the remaining protestors are selfish and ignorant muppets, we also hope that none of the growing numbers of covid cases in their midst are fatal.

I don’t know about you, but the six million people who’ve died from Covid and their bereaved families would probably disagree with the whole hoax thing? I mean seriously, why would the World Health Organisation and every medical body/government in the world make this shit up?

From the pot calling kettle black files. Perhaps that protestor could wave his placard in front of the out of control men who threw eggs at a 14-year-old schoolgirl and the other out of control nutters who have threatened Wellingtonians who are just trying to go about their normal lives?

Not only did this guy forget his tinfoil hat and undies, he also forgot to mention 5G and alien rectal probes… Perhaps he should read this myth-buster piece by

Well colour me ironic! A Beehive clean-up in progress? Whatever next? Perhaps they could fix Parliament’s lawn (it’s a bit of a stinky mess) and perhaps protestors could stop emptying their portaloos into storm drains so that Wellington’s beaches are safe to swim in again. Ugh!

Call me crazy, but I suspect that the girls and boys in blue probably decided not to join the protest when protestors started throwing their poo at them followed by corrosive chemicals?

Sadly, it appears that some of the protestors now have the “common cold” What’s with the really offensive Nazi placards??

Oh yes you can Is stupidity a virus too?

If unvaccinated lives matter so much, why on earth hold a super-spreader event at Parliament?  Haven’t these people ever heard of Zoom?

Just a quick tip for the protestors: try to be credible if you want the public to take you seriously…

Umm no it isn’t. Not even close.

Who the hell takes kids to a potentially violent protest with white supremacists and Covid cases?

Can someone please explain exactly what any of this has got to do with Donald Trump?

Yes something isn’t right, there’s a bunch of nutters on Parliament’s lawn. Go home, you entitled fucks!

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  1. Excellent compilation, well done.
    Out of all the ludicrous claims, the one that baffles me the most is that the government is tyrannical and has sinister motivations. Hey people, there are some pretty good examples of the real thing. Take a look, read some history.

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