The Ultimate A To Z Of Album Reviews By Gary Steel – E

The Ultimate A To Z Of Album Reviews By Gary Steel – E

Gary Steel is slowly compiling all his album reviews in one place. This is a work in progress, or what we call a “live document”. Today is the letter ‘E’.




Echo & The Bunnymen – Songs To Learn & Sing (WEA)

1986/Wellington City Magazine

Bunnymen songs are a rare thing indeed in the world of rock and pop. They’re made from simple but exquisite parts which match into a seamless, beguiling, compulsive, addictive and human whole. They’re wedges of emotion with all the complexities of mind over matter, all the ironies and pains and victories of life and love. There are overtones and undertones in this lovely, glorious music, bass lines that could break your heart under thunderous drum figures and spellbinding guitar flourishes. This collection brings together some highlights from beginning (1979) to present. The entire first side is a delight, although an unassailable peak is reached with the almost classic melancholy melodicism of ‘The Killing Moon’. The final three songs show a marked decline, ending with the comparative predictability of the current single, ‘Bring On The Dancing Horses.’ 8/10


The Exploited – Punk’s Not Dead (Secret)

May 1982/In Touch

Punk’s Not Dead is basic punk noise. It lectures itself. The Exploited undoubtedly are. So are their fans. The Exploited barely warrant a mention, but this music for rejects has a captive, sink-head audience, so go to it boys! Hey, FUCK-FUCK-FUCK! Shocked? 3/10

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