The virtues of fruit beers – A definitive guide

Witchdoctor’s beer guru NEIL MILLER promised his next column would extoll the virtues of fruit beers. That time has come…

As predicted, it turned out to be a very short column. I could not think of any virtues and an internet search was not exactly helpful. Here is the actual screenshot:

             This content could not be found.

Did you mean:

Kim Jong-Il claims to have invented fruit beers while shooting a 38 under par score on his first and only round of golf.

  • Fruit beers are stupid – N. Miller
  • WHO – Rabid fruit bats are still better than fruit beers
  • Beer for people who like Ribena more than beer
  • 246 fruit beer breweries across Europe catch fire in one night
  • Vladimir Putin proclaims Russia as the greatest fruit beer-producing nation in history
  • When your beret is just not emo enough, have you considered fruit beers
  • Revealed: Fruity Pebbles are the secret ingredient in every fruit beer ever brewed
  • “I don’t grate steak into your pudding, don’t put fruit in my beer”
  • #YouHavingALaughSquire
  • Brewers of fruit beer chase award-winning beer writer while wielding biodegradable melon ballers
  • N. Miller concedes that grapefruit IPA is “quite good”

Next time, we look at the upside of lockdowns.

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