New brews from Behemoth

Witchdoctor wine guru PHIL PARKER slums it at a craft beer tasting because our beer guru is grounded with an injury.

Behemoth signage

The Williamson Avenue branch of Auckland’s Glengarry Wines was one of the first branches to roll out local craft beers, and Behemoth – with its toothy green monster label – proved extremely popular with patrons. I should know: I worked there at the time.

So, anyway. I got invited to a private tasting of a few of the new Behemoth range at the brewery and bar at Churleys, Dominion Road, Auckland. This was formerly an industrial site but has since been turned into a micro-brewery and bar, with a great menu – and is very popular with the locals.


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Getting thirsty?

Behemoth is the baby of founder and brewer Andrew Childs, who guided us through the tasting with wit and good humour.

It was a beer and food matching event to coincide with the launch of some new beers to be featured in the Auckland Craft Beer & Food Festival on Saturday,  March 27… if the Covid gods are feeling benevolent that weekend.

Behemoth brewery

Because you weren’t there, you are therefore welcome to read and drool.

1 – Battle of Wits Has Begun. A traditional Belgian styled ‘Witbier’ with flavours of orange, a hint of grapefruit and a hint of coriander. A very approachable style for those who are a bit averse to bitter hops.

Matched with:  Smoked Rillette free-range pork. Almost like a terrine. Smoky and slightly fatty – a great food match.

2 – Hopped Up On Pils. ‘A hoppy NZ Pilsener’. Typical Pilsener, hoppy flavours with a clean crisp finish.

Matched with: Guanciale free-range pork. Cut into prosciutto razor-thin slices.  Delicious fatty and chewy prosciutto followed with a palate-cleansing tangy Pilsner

3 – Something Hoppy IPA. Not your average over-the-top hopped style IPA. Nice clean flavours of herbal and a hint of jasmine florals.

A flyer for the forthcoming Craft Beer & Food Festival

Matched with:  NZ Firstlight grass-fed Wagyu beef biltong. Again – a nice match. Peppery dry and chewy biltong followed by a palate-cleansing 5.9% alcohol swig of IPA.

  • Look out for Behemoth at the Auckland Craft Beer & Food Festival – Saturday 27 March









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